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Monthly Archives: February 2021

  1. The transparence trend for Winter 2017

    The transparence trend for Winter 2017

    Girls, one question: when you have the choice between acting reasonably and acting crazy sexy cool, what is it going to be? Come on, let’s be honest: we all know that good girls go to heaven, and bad girls go everywhere. And since everywhere sounds (and is!) much more interesting, we pretty often stick to what we wanna do — no matter if it’s reasonable or not.<

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  2. 10 Best Guidebooks to Plan your Dream Trip

    10 Best Guidebooks to Plan your Dream Trip

    Start dreaming of your next adventure, with the help of the experts, insiders and locals who create the the world's best guidebooks. There's one for every destination, interest and type of traveller...

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  3. Bonbon


    Sweet like a candy, dangerous like a forbidden fruit… A bite and you’ve given up. This was the idea we had in mind while working on this super exciting new project with Viktor & Rolf for the launch of their iconic Bonbon perfume’s  beauty line. Needless to say that the whole entire collection is an absolute gem, it’s a whirl of sweet goodies to cover yourself up with and smell like the most delicious friandise in the world.


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  4. Kaytips : When in Dubaï

    Kaytips : When in Dubaï

    Hi everyone!! It’s Fiona back here. First of all I hope you had a fantastic New Year’s Eve with all your beloved ones and that you started 2015 the right way. 2015 is the year! Can you feel it? We’re gonna be healthier, be better people, chase our dreams, go to the gym, learn a new language and everything we promise ourselves every year since 2011.

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