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  1. Everything You Need To Know About Bronzer

    Who doesn’t want their face to have that natural sun-kissed, glowy face without, well, getting in the sun at all? If you’re feeling too pale or tired, you can brighten and warm up your complexion with just a few, well-placed sweeps of bronzer.

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  2. 20 Genius Makeup Hacks

    Most of us have mastered the basics when it comes to makeup — stuff like how to remove waterproof mascarawhere to apply blush, and how to cover up a zit with the right concealer. But even if you've been wearing eyeshadow and foundation for decades, there are some next-level tricks out there that will leave you asking yourself, "How did I not know this?!"

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  3. 7 Tips to Help You Find the Best Mascara

    Picking the right mascara might not be as easy as it sounds. Yes, different mascara can make quite a difference when it comes how they apply, look, stay and even feel on your eyes.

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  4. Best African Safari Tours

    Iconic destinations – the Kruger National Park, Cape Town, Masai Mara and Serengeti – feature highly on these itineraries but so do off-the-beaten-path destinations in Tanzania and Botswana as well as tucked-away beaches in the Seychelles and Mozambique.

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  5. Tips for Choosing an Airline

    Whether it be business travel or a holiday, choosing the right airline is important if you wish to avoid anxiety and stress. Once you confirm your destination with your travel manager and have decided to fly, it is time for you to choose the right airline. Nowadays, there are thousands of airlines in operation – each offering different types of features and services at varying rates.

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  6. Best Fashion Bloggers in Every Age Group

    In the constantly growing landscape of fashion bloggers, it's an unfortunate fact that the younger crowd significantly outnumbers ladies of a certain age. It seems everywhere you look, it's nothing but beautiful 20-somethings showing off their style, and while there are certainly more of them, that doesn't make them any more relevant or valuable than their more mature counterparts.

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